Pashmina Silk Set Black

$124.99 $249.99


After testing *many* different fabrics, Pashmina fell in love with the stunning silk fabric they used for this set. It’s substantial, wrinkle free, and non-stick. Ticking all the boxes for a fantastic go-to piece in many, many closets. It’s the little details within its design adding up to a gorgeous, easy-wear, that’ll keep you feeling as flawless as you’ll look! They chose an A-line cut for the skirt, giving more flattery to more body types, and making it as chic as they possibly can. We love this waisted silk skirt paired with anything in your closet for an absolute closet staple. The Silk Set is classy to the max, and beautiful beyond. You’ll find yourself picking it out for many different occasions and feeling perfectly dressed at all of them. Pair it with your favorite accessories, a killer pair of heels, and voila! You look amazing.